For all artists participating on our program, here are some answers to frequently asked questions:
What do I need to bring to the set?
Please bring with you all of the things you would normally bring for a live performance. We do not provide sound, but our cameras will wirelessly tap into and pick up sound from your mixing board. Please view some of our videos to see what the other bands have done, and how they sound to you. If you have specific questions, please send me an email. We want you to be the best you can be for your show, and will assist you whenever possible.
What about lights and any stage decor?
Bringing lights and/or personal decor will depend on the venue, some provide stage lighting, however, we will have white lighting for the cameras. Again, please view some of our past shows for guidance, and contact us with any questions.
Will there be a live audience?
We use several venues to shoot our shows. We do go on location at times, or invite a live audience to a venue. In cases like the Academy Theater, they can not open the theater to a live audience due to their restrictions, but sometimes our performers prefer not to have an audience. There are pros to both situations, so we like to be able to give you a choice when possible. This will be discussed with you during booking a date for your show. Family/Spouses are always welcome to attend.
Does the band get paid?
We do not compensate the band for our shows. We are a low-budget production, but wish to provide you with opportunities. Armstrong does not sell commercial time for our show, rather they provide the show as entertainment for their subscribers. Armstrong advertises our show to their subscribers, and invests in our community.

If we are recording at a live venue, and you wish to stay and perform for the audience beyond our show, this would be an arrangement between you and the venue. Most often both the band and the venue come to an agreement prior to the show, and many times the band will get a booking with the venue for a future gig.

If you prefer not to perform on our show for a live audience, we can make arrangements with a venue prior to booking with us.
Does the band have to pay anyone to be on the show?
No. We do not charge you to be a guest on our show. Any costs you may expend would be normal expenses such as your own transportation to and from the show, lodging if necessary, and your time. Each band member is responsible for their own costs.
I don't live in the area, or subscribe to Armstrong. How can I see my show?
Each band member will receive a free DVD copy of his or her show once they have been edited and completed for airing. We will generally mail out several copies to one of your band members, who will then disperse your copy to you.

Armstrong edits each show to allow for time, and best performance in the event of a retake. We want you to shine like the stars you are!

Additional copies of your show can be made available for your family and friends for a small processing fee through the Armstrong office. 
What do I wear?
Dirty Dog Live Music TV is all about you, the artist. We want you to put your best out there, and let people see who you are as performers, singers, songwriters, and musical artists. However, we are a family friendly show, so please take that into consideration and be appropriate. If you need clarification, send me an email or pick up the phone and call, and I will discuss it with you and attempt to answer any questions.
Will you assist our bands with future bookings in your community?
I often get asked to make connections with bands and venues, and when committes are looking to hire bands for events and festivals. I try to help as much as possible, and work with many bands to match the event and the budget to the right band. Often they are looking for a specific genre, so because of our show, I have met many wonderful performers in every genre. I would like to get your contact info and keep up a great relationship with you.
I hope I have answered many of your questions. Please send an email if you need any further assistance.
See you out there!