E. Lisa Bower
PO Box 77
Guys Mills PA 16327


What's more fun than partying with your favorite band on a weekend?

Well, for me, it's getting behind my camera and challenging myself to capture the moment in a high quality image, suitable for printing on canvas, album covers, website, t-shirts, and other print media.

I was not blessed with musical talent, I can't sing well enough to gift that to others the way great musicians do, I don't play anything more difficult than a tambourine, and while I can write a wonderful business letter, I lack the gift of composing poetry suitable for a song.

But I'm creative with photography and graphic arts, and that part of me is what I enjoy sharing with the world.

Please take a look at some of my albums on Facebook and if you would like me to come and shoot your band, let's get together and do it. My fees are more than reasonable yet respectable.

I love good times and fun people, and big smiles, and will work to give you the best of the night.

I also design and sell clothing items, and can put designs on home decor items like pillows, blankets, shower curtains, or customize a logo or photo for jewelry!

See you out there!
-E. Lisa
Enjoy some songs by Mia Z
Photography by E. Lisa Bower :)
Jeff Fetterman
9 Miles to Nowhere
Center Album 2017
Jeff Fetterman 9 Miles To Nowhere
Front Abum Cover 2017
Jeff Fetterman 9 Miles to Nowhere
Back Album Cover 2017