Meet E. Lisa Bower, the girl behind the Dirty Dog

A good friend told me that I would someday find my "thing". Well, I discovered my "thing" is photography and graphic art. Add to that my love of great music, live band performances, interesting and unusual people, and Dirty Dog Live Music was born.

I have an extensive background in art, and music production, and I saw a need to bring the amazing local and regional talent to the public eye, and help provide opportunities for everyone!

Many good times ahead. 
I work with club owners and other venues, musicians, songwriters, singers, and other media artists, lighting and sound technicians, and event managers throughout the tri-state region to coordinate entertainment with events, and assist bands with bookings. I enjoy matching up the perfect band for your party, event, and budget, in addition to bringing you local music news.

I am also a professional band photographer and graphic artist. My photography friends have dubbed me "E-Tunes" for the work I have done with bands.

I believe in giving back to the community, and volunteer my time helping to organize fund raising events and festivals, and also volunteer and assist with animal rescue in my area.

I teamed with Armstrong Cable TV and I co-produce and host a Cable TV show called "Dirty Dog Live Music", which is aired every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights on Armstrong Cable TV, featuring bands, songwriters, musicians, and musical artists with all original music.

I am also producing a new Armstrong Cable TV show titled
Gearheadz USA, starring Roadhouse Rocker Rick  Magee, and featuring our area's most notable "Gearheadz" and mechanical artists, hot cars, and so much more.

I had worked as the Promotions Director, Web Developer and Photographer for Jake Banta of
Jake's Blues for over six happy and wonderful years.

You may also have heard me on Thursday mornings at 8:05-ish am on
COOL 101.7 fm, with veteran DJ Dave Hannahan, as we brought local music and community events to you for nearly six years. I am very proud of helping to reignite the community's musical scene during those years, and for inspiring others to continue in my footsteps.

There's nothing "Dirty" about Dirty Dog Live Music!
Dirty Dog Live was named after a dog I rescued during the time I was developing the business.

In fact, Dirty Dog Live Music is very active in the community, and to date I have directly helped raise over $38,500 in cash and donations for various non-profit organizations, as well as countless thousands more indirectly, through donating my services and assisting with organization of fundraising events for others.

I've worked with many local businesses; helped raise money for the Naval Special Warfare Foundation, Project Support Our Troops, Healing Heroes, Breaking Bread, worked with the Millcreek Mall, the Meadville Chamber of Commerce, the Center for Family Services, The Meadville Soup Kitchen, the Thunder in the City Event in Downtown Meadville, the Crawford County Fair Board, The Thurston Classics, Meadville Council on the Arts, COOL 101.7 Radio, The Meadville Mall, The Fairway 12, the Palms, Conneaut Lake Park, The Hotel Conneaut, Sprague Farm and Brew Works, Voodoo Brewery, The Academy Theater, The Italian Civic Club, the Crooked I in Erie, Presque Isle Downs and Casino, The Downtown Mall in Meadville, and many more local venues.

I also served on the board of directors at Meadville Council on the Arts, and as member of the Keystone Riders motorcycle organization.

I am always animal advocate but resigned my position on the board of directors for Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc, after having served 5 years. I also support other rescue organizations such as PA Great Dane Rescue, and Dogs Deserve Better.

I was on staff at Women's Services in Meadville during the early 1990's as a counselor for victims of domestic violence.

Dirty Dog Live Music is working hard to bring local and regional musical talent to the public eye through this website, cable TV, and through community awareness and connections.

I also encourage all artists and musicians to join MCA and work together to keep the arts alive and prosperous in our area.

I hope you have as much fun here as I am having bringing the
Dirty Dog Live Music TV show and website to you, and I hope to see you out there soon!

E. Lisa Froncillo-Bower
The Dirty Dog!
Sadly we lost our precious friend on June 7th, 2018.
We believe he died of a heart attack. He is deeply missed by our family.
The Dirty Dog was a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. His name was "Chester" named after the infamous Bluesman "Howling Wolf" Chester Burnette.
He was a rescue dog who found his way into our home and our hearts.
WPGs are bred as hunting dogs, but make excellent family pets. The only hunting Dirty Dog did in this family was when he hunted for his favorite treats, which he liked to hide under the sofa, or a new stuffed animal to un-stuff and spread around the house.
Please take a moment to go to and take action to improve the quality of life for chained, abused and neglected dogs in the United States. Tell them you saw it here on Dirty Dog Live!
Donald J. Bower
Don Bower is my genius. In the 24 years we've been married, I have learned there's not much Don can't do, and do extremely well. He's is a constant help to me when things become too technical, or when I need that "over the top" push in the right direction.

Don earns his living as a metalcrafter, from precision machining in the tool and die industry, to fine gold baubles as a custom jeweler. He also designs tools for artists to help them work more efficiently.

He enjoys motorcycles, a good book, and artistic and mechanical creating.
"Louie" ~ is named after the great Louis Armstrong. Louie was originally rescued from a puppy mill, then went to a responsible home. Louie came to our family from that good home, and a responsible parent, who wanted to do the right thing for him when it was discovered that her asthmatic child could not tolerate him. Instead of relinquishing him to a shelter, or to people she wasn't sure would care for him properly, she waited to find a good home for him, and she did, with us. Louie is a Mini-Dachshund with high-energy, and a fierce brave spirit.
"Stevie" ~named after music legend "Stevie Wonder", joined our family by chance. Stevie's breed is called a "Flat-Coated Retriever".
Sadly we lost Stevie in November of 2019 due to age related issues. He was a great dog.

He was also a rescued dog. Someone chained him to a barn and severely neglected him. The poor guy was barking for his life... the neighbors complained ...and the owners decided to be "rid" of him. She hadn't fed him in a week, no fresh water, just isolation on a chain. When they did feed him, they had been giving him dry cat food.

He was matted, skinny, and so badly in need of love and attention. I brought him home, and brushed matts out of his fur for two days. Thanks to the ANNA Shelter in Erie and generous donations from internet friends I had him neutered and updated his vaccinations. Because the ANNA Shelter was full I offered to foster him here until a space was available, but because he was such a great dog, we fell in love with him, and he had a permenant home here in our family. He was beautiful, and friendly, and we loved him.

Please join Dogs Deserve Better at and help put an end to chaining once and for all. Give generously to the ANNA Shelter and help by sponsoring a spay or neuter for a dog or cat in our community.

Rodger Montgomery
Joining us as a Co-Producer and Co-Host is Regional Blues Legend Rodger Montgomery. Rodger has been playing the blues for about 40 years, and shared the stage with many nationally known blues artists such as Johnny (Clyde) Copeland,and Otis Rush, and he spent a year in the trenches playing with Big Jack Johnson and the Oilers, Lonnie Shields,and John Brim.

Rodger started with the Zipper City Blues Band, with Dave Steele, Dennis Wieland, and Brian Whitney. They ran for 9 years, then in 1992 Rodger formed the Rodger Montgomery Blues Band.

Rodger released the critically acclaimed album Rodger Montgomery Blues Band in 1993, which has been heard all over the world.
In 1996 Rodger played on Big Jack Johnson's Album "We got to stop this killing".

He wrote the Song "The Forgotten Ones" for the NAACP video production company in 2002, and the whole video is accompanied by Rodger Montgomery's music.

Rodger Montgomery is also the 2012, and 2014 winner in the Blues category for the Rock Erie Music Awards REMA's. 
"Sammy" was named after sax -great Sam Butera, who was part of Louis Prima's band until Louis' death in 1978.
Sammy was part of an overwhelmed breeder's brood of Dachshunds. The wife had passed away, and the husband had 2 (or more) dozen Dachshunds, all needing homes. We stepped up and gave Sammy a good home with us.
Spay, Neuter, Rescue, and Adopt.
So many great dogs and cats need good homes.
You can help spread the awareness and donate at the same time to help animals in our area at:
Louis Prima featuring Sam Butera on Sax.
"Night Train"
"You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You"
Sam Butera
Band Photographer E. Lisa Froncillo-Bower
Band Photography